Iulia Cassia Petronius


All-round author of “CodeX”, she is responsible of the writing, storyboarding, drawing, inking, toning, editing and lettering even if she hasn’t got the time for half of these things.
In fact she’s actually a full-time employed graphic designer for a company and the creation of this webcomic is just a personal challenge for her.



Born in the Apulie but always grown in Fanum Fortunae, she completed the Art School in Urvinum Metaurense, in the animation and comic-art section.
Despite the 3 years of specialization, the school never gave her the necessary notions for the creation of a graphic novel. Basically self-taught, she didn’t care about anything and anyone and started “CodeX” following a deep quarter-of-life-crisis.



RedTaiga reconsiders then the idea of writing her own webcomic, reworking and developing plot and characters of an old comic of hers from 2007. Always a fan of the fantasy genre in every form, she decides to set her ‘sword and sorcery’ story in a late Roman Empire. Legend has it that the choice was taken after a patriotic alcohol night.



I don’t have any at the moment, feel free to contact me via mail or social networks and I’ll be glad to answer you.



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