Personaggi principali


Age: apparently between 15 and 20 years old
D.o.B: June 10th
Social class: liberta
Occupation: Librarian
Birthplace: Hyperborea (?)

Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Hair: platinum blonde
Eyes: blue-green

Likes: scrolls and books, good food, to travel.
Hates: wake up early, childs, blood.

Eccentric girl and self-proclaimed great sorceress but is not clear if she’s truly talented or only a charlatan…

Despite her thinness, Mydrinn eats a lot, and she can sleep everywhere and in any circumstance, except for these “special powers” it seems that her magical abilities are limited to few spells due to her lack of memory.

Normally she’s airhead and cheerful, but sometimes she behaves really strange, apparently she knows something about the events happening over the northern boundary of the Empire.


Age: 19
D.o.B: October 16th
Social class: slave (ex noble)
Occupation: Gladiator
Birthplace: Eboracum; Britannia

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Hair: mogany
Eye*: amber

Likes: sweets,  thermae, silence and paceful places.
Odia: having debts.

Born from an Italic mother and a Briton father, his birth coincides with the beginning of a series of turbulent events.

After his mother’s death, he was raised in Roma in his uncle’s patrician family, a well-know military commander and an imperial politician.

Arthimus is actually a popular gladiator, an ‘essedarius’ who distinguished himself on several ‘munera gladiatoria’.

Despite his rude personality, he’s a kind and naive person, because of this he often ends up trusting too much even those who he shouldn’t…

Personaggi secondari


She’s the newest slave in Lucius’ family, she was bought for her good magical talent and to substitute the elderly maid of Neith, so Livia is always near Neith as if she’s her shadow.


She’s Lucius’ mother and Marcus’ wife, at first sight, she can appear as melodramatic and a fussy ‘matrona’, but in her husband’s absence she’s a great home leader.
She’s half Roman and Egyptian born in Alexandria, she was a priest but left the vows to marry Marcus and move in Roma with him.

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